UkrEnginecreated the topic: How to use Behavior

Hello, in v.1.12 you added the Behavior (and Action). I can not find an example of how (and where) to use them. It is ideal if you add an example fo...


UkrEnginereplied to: RE: screen Resolution and full screen

Hello, please see my post here , maybe it help you


UkrEnginecreated the topic: [Tips] Screen Resolution and Full Screen for MonoGame

Hi guys. After reading the forum, I decided to write a quick note about the "Screen Resolution and Full screen". As all of you know MonoGame - is a c...


UkrEnginereplied to: RE: Problem with rendering Cyrillic chars

Thank you very much , indeed this was a problem.


UkrEnginecreated the topic: Problem with rendering Cyrillic chars

Hi, I have some problem with rendering cyrillic chars (Segoe UI Font) - they are replaced by * . What is the problem a...


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