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EmptyKeys.UserInterface Namespace
Empty Keys User Interface namespace
Public classAssetManager
Implements abstract Asset manager
Public classClassHandlersStore
Implements container for class handlers. This container is thread safe.
Public classContextLayoutManager
Implements context layout manager, used for multi-threading features of layout pass
Public classDataTemplate
Implements data template
Public classDefinitionCollectionT
Implementation of generic container for definitions. This collection is thread safe.
Public classDependencyObject
Implements dependency object for dependency properties
Public classDependencyObjectType
Implements cache for dependency object types
Public classDependencyProperty
Implements register methods and cache for dependency properties
Public classDependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs
Arguments for dependency property change event
Public classDragDrop
Implements Drag and Drop feature for ItemsControl (ListBox)
Public classDragDropEventArgs
Implements event arguments for drag and drop delegate
Public classEngine
Implements abstract Engine
Public classEventHandlersStore
Implements container for Event Handlers
Public classEventManager
Implements routed event registering methods and hold class handlers
Public classEventRoute
Implements collection of route items for routed event
Public classEventTrigger
Implements Event Trigger for triggering actions on routed event
Public classFontManager
Implements application font manager
Public classFrameworkPropertyMetadata
Dependency property metadata
Public classFreezable
Implements abstract base of object, which can freeze its data (user can't change values)
Public classImageManager
Implements image management for any control using textures/images (Image, ImageBrush)
Public classLimitedStackT
Implements generic limited size Stack
Public classMessageBox
Implements Message box for displaying window with text and buttons
Public classNullAssetManager
Implements Null asset manager, used for testing
Public classNullEngine
Implements null Engine used for testing
Public classResourceDictionary
Implements dictionary for resources. This collection is thread safe.
Public classResourceReferenceExpression
Implements dependency property value with reference to resource
Public classRoutedEvent
Implements routed event informations
Public classRoutedEventArgs
Routed Event arguments class
Public classRoutedPropertyChangedEventArgsT
Implements arguments for routed property changes
Public classSetter
Setter class contains information, which property should be set and what value on specified target
Public classStyle
Style implements features for changing visual appearance of controls by changing values of properties based on triggers and setters
Public classStyleHelper
Implements style helper methods
Public classTrigger
Trigger implements features for changing property value based on condition
Public classTriggerAction
Implements base abstract class for all trigger actions
Public classTriggerBase
Implements base class for all triggers
Public classUIElement
Base class for all UI controls. Implements layout passes and basic functionality.
Public classWindow
Implements features of Window UI control
Public structureDuration
Implements structure for animation duration
Public structureGridLength
Implements special length structure for Grid
Public structureLocalValueEntry
Implements local value entry of Dependency Object
Public structurePointF
Implements primitive float Point
Public structureRect
Implements primitive float Rectangle
Public structureSize
Implements primitive float Size
Public structureThickness
Thickness is describing area of rectangle (border, margin, padding)
Public structureVector
Implements Vector structure
Public delegateCoerceValueCallback
Event handler for dependency property coerce value event
Public delegateDependencyPropertyChangedEventHandler
Event handler for dependency property changed events
Public delegateDragDropEventHandler
Drag and Drop event handler delegate
Public delegateFreezablePropertyChanged
Freezable Property Changed
Public delegatePropertyChangedCallback
Event handler for property changed events
Public delegateRoutedEventHandler
Event handler for generic routed event
Public delegateRoutedPropertyChangedEventHandlerT
Event handler for routed property changed event
Public enumerationFrameworkPropertyMetadataOptions
Metadata options of Dependency Properties describing action/behavior, when property is changed, user gets the value or binds property
Public enumerationGridUnitType
Types of value of GridLength
Public enumerationHorizontalAlignment
Horizontal Alignment of control inside parent control
Public enumerationListSortDirection
Direction of sort
Public enumerationMessageBoxButton
Describes buttons of message box
Public enumerationMessageBoxResult
Describes possible result of message box
Public enumerationOrientation
Orientation definition for controls
Public enumerationRoutingStrategy
Routing Strategy types
Public enumerationTextAlignment
Text alignment (inside of control space)
Public enumerationVerticalAlignment
Vertical Alignment of content or control inside parent control
Public enumerationVisibility
Visibility enumeration