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EmptyKeys.UserInterface.Controls Namespace
Controls namespace
Public classAnimatedImage
Implements animated image
Public classBorder
Implements control for drawing border or background
Public classButton
Implements control with Click event when pressed
Public classCanvas
Implements Canvas layout control
Public classCheckBox
Implements CheckBox control
Public classColumnDefinition
Implements definition for column of the Grid
Public classColumnDefinitionCollection
Implements collection of columns
Public classComboBox
Implements control with selection in drop down list
Public classComboBoxItem
Implements item in a ComboBox
Public classContentControl
Implements base class for any control with content
Public classContentPresenter
Implements control which can draw the content
Public classControl
Implements base class for user interface controls
Public classControlTemplate
Implements control template and cache for created elements inside template
Public classDataGrid
Data Grid UI control for displaying data in table
Public classDataGridBoundColumn
Implements base class for Data Grid columns, which are bound to data
Public classDataGridCell
Cell of data grid row
Public classDataGridCheckBoxColumn
Implements Data Grid columns with Check Box
Public classDataGridColumn
Implements Data grid column
Public classDataGridColumnCollection
Implements container for data grid columns
Public classDataGridColumnEventArgs
Arguments for data grid column event
Public classDataGridRow
Implements data grid row control, storing items and data grid cells
Public classDataGridSortingEventArgs
Arguments for data grid sorting event
Public classDataGridTemplateColumn
Implements Data Grid template column for custom defined cells
Public classDataGridTextColumn
Implements text column for Data Grid
Public classDefinitionBase
Implements base class for definition (row or column)
Public classDockPanel
Implements Docking layout control
Public classExpander
Implements control with header and collapsible content
Public classGrid
Implements Grid layout control
Public classGroupBox
Implements Group Box layout control
Public classHeaderedContentControl
Implements control with header
Public classHeaderedItemsControl
Implements items control with header
Public classImage
Image control UI
Public classImageButton
Implements button with image
Public classItemsControl
Implements base class for control with items
Public classListBox
Implements selector control with selectable list of items
Public classListBoxItem
Implements item for List Box
Public classNumericTextBox
Implements Numeric text box control
Public classPanel
Implements base class for panel layout elements with children
Public classPasswordBox
Implements Password Box, Text Box like control for password input
Public classProgressBar
Implements control for showing progress
Public classRadioButton
Implements Radio Button control
Public classRowDefinition
Implements definition for row of the Grid
Public classRowDefinitionCollection
Implements collection of rows
Public classScrollChangedEventArgs
Arguments for scroll changed event
Public classScrollContentPresenter
Implements scroll content presenter for drawing content of Scroll Viewer control
Public classScrollViewer
Implements scrollable area with content
Public classSelectionChangedEventArgs
Arguments for selection changed event
Public classSlider
Implements Slider control with thumb
Public classStackPanel
Implements vertically or horizontally oriented container for controls
Public classTabControl
Implements control with multiple items and content selector
Public classTabItem
Implements item for Tab Control
Public classTextBlock
Implements control that can draw text
Public classTextBox
Implements control so user can draw or edit text
Public classToolTip
Implements of Tool Tip control
Public classToolTipService
Implements service for all Tool Tips
Public classTreeView
Implements Tree View control
Public classTreeViewItem
Implements item for Tree View
Public classUIElementCollection
Implements container for elements
Public classUIRoot
Implements user interface root control, root of UI in visual tree
Public classUniformGrid
Implements Uniform Grid layout control
Public classUserControl
Implements base class for creating other controls
Public classVirtualKeyboard
Implements virtual keyboard for touch devices
Public classWrapPanel
Implements Wrap Panel layout control
Public structureDataGridLength
Implements Data Grid Length structure for data grid column
Public delegateDataGridSortingEventHandler
Data Grid sorting event handler
Public delegateScrollChangedEventHandler
Scroll changed event handler
Public delegateSelectionChangedEventHandler
Selection changed event handler
Public delegateVirtualKeyboardKeyDeactivatedEventHandler
Virtual Keyboard Key Deactivated Event Handler
Public delegateVirtualKeyboardKeyPressEventHandler
Virtual Keyboard Key Press Event Handler
Public enumerationClickMode
Click mode - when Click event is raised
Public enumerationDataGridLengthUnitType
Types of Data Grid Length
Public enumerationDataGridSelectionMode
Data Grid selection modes
Public enumerationDock
Dock modes
Public enumerationExpandDirection
Modes for Expander control to define direction of expanding
Public enumerationPanningMode
Describes panning modes for ScrollViewer
Public enumerationScrollBarVisibility
Modes for scroll bar visibility
Public enumerationScrollViewerAction
Describes actions for Scroll Viewer
Public enumerationSelectionMode
Modes for selection
Public enumerationTextWrapping
Modes of text wrapping