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EmptyKeys.UserInterface.Controls.Primitives Namespace
Controls Primitives namespace
Public classDataGridCellsPresenter
Data Grid Cells Presenter - this control contains collection of cells
Public classDataGridColumnHeader
Data Grid Column Header UI control
Public classDataGridColumnHeadersPresenter
Header presenter for Data Grid Column
Public classDragCompletedEventArgs
Arguments for Drag Completed event
Public classDragDeltaEventArgs
Arguments for Drag moving event
Public classDragStartedEventArgs
Arguments for Drag Start event
Public classPopup
Implementation of Popup window control with content
Public classRangeBase
Abstract class implementing basic features of control with a value within a specific range
Public classRepeatButton
Implements a control that is repeating click event when pressed
Public classScrollBar
Implements a control for scrolling
Public classScrollEventArgs
Event arguments for scroll event
Public classSelector
Implementation of abstract base features for controls that allows item selection
Public classTabPanel
Implements panel for TabItems of TabControl
Public classTextBoxBase
Implements abstract base features for controls with text input
Public classThumb
Implements drag-able control
Public classToggleButton
Implements button with checked state
Public classTrack
Implements composite control for Thumb and two Repeat Buttons used for scrolling controls
Public interfaceIScrollInfo
Scroll Info interface with data for scroll support
Public delegateDragCompletedEventHandler
Handler for Thumb Control drag support - End
Public delegateDragDeltaEventHandler
Handler for Thumb Control drag support - Moving
Public delegateDragStartedEventHandler
Handler for Thumb Control drag support - Start
Public delegateScrollEventHandler
Handler for scroll support
Public enumerationPlacementMode
Popup placement mode
Public enumerationScrollEventType
Scroll Event Types