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EmptyKeys.UserInterface.Data Namespace
Data namespace
Public classBinding
Implements binding definition
Public classBindingExpression
Implements binding logic
Public classBindingOperations
Implements methods for managing bindings
Public classBooleanToVisibilityConverter
Implements converter boolean to visibility and back
Public classColorBrushConverter
Implements Color Brush value converter
Public classDefaultValueConverter
Implements default value converter for binding, base class for other converters
Public classGeneratedPropertyInfo
Implements Property Info for generated properties (generated bindings)
Public classObjectSourceConverter
Implements object source converter for binding
Public classObjectTargetConverter
Implements object target converter
Public classPropertyPath
Implements parsing of path and set/get value for binding
Public classReflectionPropertyInfo
Implements reflection based property info
Public classStringToVisibilityConverter
Implements converter for string to Visibility value
Public classSystemConvertConverter
Implements default system convert converter
Public classValueConverterAttribute
Implements Value Converter Attribute
Public interfaceIPropertyInfo
Describes property info interface for binding of property
Public interfaceIValueConverter
Interface for binding Value Converter
Public enumerationBindingMode
Binding modes