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EmptyKeys.UserInterface.Input Namespace
Input namespace
Public classButtonInputListener
Implements listener for any button like input (bool state) with repeating capabilities
Public classCanExecuteRoutedEventArgs
Arguments for Can Execute routed event
Public classCommandBinding
Implements binding between routed command and event handler
Public classCommandHelpers
Implements cache for commands and command register methods
Public classExecutedRoutedEventArgs
Arguments for Execute Routed event
Public classGamepad
Implements Game Pad device and stores input listeners
Public classGamepadBinding
Implements binding for Game Pad input and Input Gesture
Public classGamepadButtonEventArgs
Arguments for game pad button event
Public classGamepadEventArgs
Implements base arguments for game pad events
Public classGamepadGesture
Implements game pad gesture
Public classGamepadMoveEventArgs
Arguments for game pad move event
Public classGamePadStateBase
Implements abstract Game Pad State
Public classGamepadTriggerEventArgs
Arguments for game pad trigger event
Public classGamepadTriggerInputListener
Implements input listener for game pad trigger
Public classInputBinding
Implements binding between Input Gesture and command
Public classInputDeviceBase
Implements abstract input device
Public classInputEventArgs
Base arguments for any input event arguments
Public classInputGesture
Abstract class for any Input Gesture
Public classInputLanguageManager
Implements input language specific features
Public classInputListenerT
Implements generic Input Listener
Public classInputManager
Implements application input manager for game pad, mouse, keyboard and touch
Public classKeyBinding
Implements input binding for keyboard keys
Public classKeyboard
Implements keyboard device and routed events
Public classKeyboardEventArgs
Base arguments for all keyboard related event arguments
Public classKeyboardLayout
Implements default keyboard layout
Public classKeyboardStateBase
Implements abstract keyboard state
Public classKeyEventArgs
Arguments for key event
Public classKeyGesture
Implement gesture for keyboard keys
Public classKeyInputListener
Implements input listener for keyboard keys
Public classMouse
Implements mouse device and routed events
Public classMouseBinding
Implements binding between mouse gesture and command
Public classMouseButtonEventArgs
Arguments for mouse button event
Public classMouseEventArgs
Base arguments for mouse events
Public classMouseGesture
Implement input gesture for mouse
Public classMouseStateBase
Implements abstract Mouse State
Public classMouseWheelEventArgs
Arguments for mouse wheel event
Public classMouseWheelInputListener
Implements input listener for mouse wheel
Public classMoveInputListener
Implements input listener for move events
Public classNullInputDevice
Implements Null device for input
Public classRelayCommand
Implements command relaying by invoking defined action
Public classRelayCommandT
Implements generic version of command relaying by invoking defined action
Public classRepeatInputListener
Implements base repeat input listener, it repeats input event
Public classRoutedCommand
Implements command routed through visual tree of elements
Public classTouch
Implements Touch device and routed events
Public classTouchEventArgs
Implements base arguments for touch events
Public classTouchGesture
Implements input gesture for touch device
Public classTouchGestureEventArgs
Arguments for touch gesture event
Public classTouchGestureInputListener
Implements input listener for touch gestures
Public classTouchInputListener
Implements Input Listener for touch device
Public classTouchStateBase
Implements abstract Touch state
Public classVirtualKeyboardMapItem
Virtual Keyboard Map Item data for Virtual Keyboard control/map
Public interfaceICommand
Command Interface
Public interfaceICommandSource
Command Source interface
Public interfaceICursorService
Describes Cursor Service for changing cursor type
Public interfaceIInputListener
Input Listener interface
Public delegateCanExecuteRoutedEventHandler
Event handler for routed commands
Public delegateExecutedRoutedEventHandler
Event handler for routed commands
Public delegateGamepadButtonEventHandler
Event handler for gamepad button events
Public delegateGamepadEventHandler
Event handler for generic gamepad events
Public delegateGamepadMoveEventHandler
Event handler for gamepad move events
Public delegateGamepadTriggerDelegate
Event handler for gamepad trigger listener
Public delegateGamepadTriggerEventHandler
Event handler for gamepad trigger events
Public delegateGestureDelegate
Event handler for touch gesture input listener
Public delegateInputEventHandler
Event handler for generic input events
Public delegateInputListenerTInputListenerGetCurrentValueDelegate
Input listener delegate for getting current value
Public delegateInputListenerDelegate
Event handler for generic input listener events
Public delegateKeyboardEventHandler
Event handler for generic keyboard events
Public delegateKeyEventHandler
Event handler for key listener
Public delegateKeyInputListenerDelegate
Event handler for key input events
Public delegateMouseButtonEventHandler
Event handler for mouse button events
Public delegateMouseEventHandler
Event handler for generic mouse events
Public delegateMouseWheelDelegate
Event handler for mouse wheel listener
Public delegateMouseWheelEventHandler
Event handler for mouse wheel events
Public delegateMoveDelegate
Event handler for generic move listener
Public delegateTouchEventHandler
Event handler for generic touch events
Public delegateTouchGestureEventHandler
Event handler for touch gesture events
Public enumerationCursorType
Describes mouse cursor types
Public enumerationGamepadInput
Enumeration of all types of game pad input
Public enumerationKeyCode
Describes keyboard key codes
Public enumerationMapItemType
Types of virtual map item
Public enumerationModifierKeys
Keyboard modifier keys
Public enumerationMouseAction
Mouse Actions
Public enumerationMouseButton
Mouse buttons
Public enumerationTouchAction
Describes touch actions
Public enumerationTouchGestures
Describes touch gesture types
Public enumerationVirtualKeyboardMode
Modes for Virtual Keyboard control