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EmptyKeys.UserInterface.Interactivity Namespace

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Public classActionCollection
Represents a collection of IActions.
Public classBehavior
A base class for behaviors, implementing the basic plumbing of IBehavior
Public classBehaviorT
A base class for behaviors making them code compatible with older frameworks, and allow for typed associated objects.
Public classBehaviorCollection
Represents a collection of IBehaviors with a shared AssociatedObject.
Public classDependencyObjectCollection
Implements Dependency Object collection
Public classInteraction
Defines a BehaviorCollection attached property and provides a method for executing an .
Public classVectorChangedEventArgs
Implements Vector Changed Event arguments
Public interfaceIAction
Interface implemented by all custom actions.
Public interfaceIBehavior
Interface implemented by all custom behaviors.
Public interfaceIObservableVectorT
Notifies listeners of changes to the vector.
Public interfaceIVectorChangedEventArgs
Provides data for the changed event of a vector.
Public enumerationCollectionChange
Describes the action that causes a change to a collection.