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EmptyKeys.UserInterface.Media Namespace
Media namespace
Public classAnimatedImageBrush
Implements animated image brush
Public classAudioDevice
Implements abstract Audio Device
Public classBrush
Implements base features for brushes
Public classBrushes
All basic color brushes
Public classEffectBase
Implements abstract Effect
Public classEllipseGeometry
Implements Ellipse geometry generation (fill and stroke)
Public classFontBase
Implements abstract multi-render font
Public classFontFamily
Implements font family information
Public classGeometry
Implements abstract Geometry generator
Public classGeometryBuffer
Implements abstract Geometry Buffer
Public classGradientStop
Contains information bout area of linear gradient
Public classImageBrush
Implements brush with image
Public classLinearGradientBrush
Implement linear gradient brush
Public classLineGeometry
Implements line geometry
Public classNullAudioDevice
Implements Null Audio Device, used for testing
Public classNullSound
Implements Null Sound, used for testing
Public classPolyLineGeometry
Implements poly line geometry
Public classRectangleGeometry
Implements Rectangle geometry (fill and stroke)
Public classSolidColorBrush
Implements Solid Color brush
Public classSoundBase
Implements abstract Sound
Public classSoundManager
Implements sound manager for loading and indexing all sounds for UI
Public classSoundSource
Implements sound source for UI audio
Public classSoundSourceCollection
Implements collection for sound sources
Public classTexture2DHelper
Implements helper classes for arrow and check box texture generator
Public classTextureBase
Implements abstract multi-render texture
Public classVisualTreeHelper
Implements visual tree cache and helper methods
Public structureColorW
Implements RGBA color structure
Public enumerationArrowDirection
Arrow Direction for arrow generator
Public enumerationBrushMappingMode
Describes if values are absolute or relative to bounding box
Public enumerationColors
All basic colors (packed values)
Public enumerationFontEffectType
Describes font effect
Public enumerationFontStyle
Font Style of the font (based on XNA Font Description Style)
Public enumerationGeometryPrimitiveType
Describes geometry primitive types
Public enumerationGradientSpreadMethod
Spread methods for Linear Gradient Brush
Public enumerationSoundState
Describes the state of a playing sound.
Public enumerationSoundType
Sound Types for UI
Public enumerationStretch
Modes of content stretching
Public enumerationTextureSurfaceFormat
Describes Texture surface formats