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EmptyKeys.UserInterface.Media.Animation Namespace

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Public classAnimationManager
Implements manager for all animation storyboards and updates every frame
Public classBackEase
Implements back easing function for animations
Public classBaseAnimationT, K
Implements generic base class for from/to/by animations
Public classBeginStoryboard
Implements trigger action for animations
Public classCubicEase
Implements cubic easing function for animations
Public classEasingFunctionBase
Implements base for animation easing functions
Public classElasticEase
Implements elastic easing function for animations
Public classExponentialEase
Implements exponential easing function for animations
Public classFloatAnimation
Implements animation for float type property
Public classPowerEase
Implements easing function for animations - Math.Pow
Public classQuadraticEase
Implements quadratic easing function for animations
Public classSineEase
Implements sinus curve easing function for animations
Public classSolidColorBrushAnimation
Implements Solid Color Brush animation
Public classStoryboard
Implements parent for all animations, storyboard starts/updates all its children
Public classThicknessAnimation
Implements animation for thickness
Public classTimeline
Implements base class for all animations
Public structureRepeatBehavior
Implements repeat behavior for animations
Public enumerationEasingMode
Describes different animation easing modes