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EmptyKeys.UserInterface.Mvvm Namespace
MVVM namespace
Public classBindableBase
Implements INotifyPropertyChanged interface for easy binding of properties
Public classMessageBoxService
Implements default message box service
Public classServiceManager
Implements service management. This class is thread safe.
Public classViewModelBase
Implements base class for all MVVM View Models
Public classViewModelLocatorBaseT
Implements view model locator base class
Public classWindowViewModel
Implements view model base for Window in MVVM
Public interfaceIClipboardService
Describes clipboard service interface
Public interfaceIFileStorage
Describes file system storage service interface
Public interfaceILocalizationService
Describes localization service
Public interfaceIMessageBoxService
Describes service for Message Box
Public interfaceITreeDataItem
Describes Tree Data Item interface for Tree View Items