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EmptyKeys.UserInterface.Themes Namespace
Default themes and styles namespace
Public classButtonStyle
Default button style
Public classChartStyle
Implements Chart control default style
Public classCheckBoxStyle
Default Check Box style
Public classComboBoxStyle
Default Combo Box Style
Public classCommonHelpers
Theme helpers for creating themes and styles
Public classCommonResourceKeys
Default resource keys for all styles
Public classDark
Dark UI theme
Public classDataGridStyle
Default Data Grid style
Public classDefaultTypeTemplates
Default data type templates
Public classEmptyKeysTheme
Empty Keys default theme
Public classExpanderStyle
Default Expander style
Public classGroupBoxStyle
Implements default style for Group Box
Public classImageButtonStyle
Default style and control template for Image Button control
Public classLight
Light UI theme
Public classListBoxStyle
Default List Box style
Public classNumericTextBoxStyle
Default Text Box style
Public classPasswordBoxStyle
Default Text Box style
Public classProgressBarStyle
Default Progress Bar style
Public classRadioButtonStyle
Implements default style and control template for Radio Button control
Public classRepeatButtonStyle
Implements repeat button style and default control template
Public classRootStyle
Default UIRoot style
Public classScrollBarStyle
Default Scroll Bar style
Public classScrollViewerStyle
Default Scroll Viewer Style
Public classSliderStyle
Implements default style and control templates for Slider control
Public classTabControlStyle
Default Tab Control Style
Public classTextBoxStyle
Default Text Box style
Public classToggleButtonStyle
Default Toggle Button style
Public classToolTipStyle
Default Tool Tip style and control template
Public classTreeViewStyle
Implements default TreeView style and control template
Public classUserControlStyle
Default User Control style
Public classVirtualKeyboardStyle
Implements default style for Virtual Keyboard control
Public classWindowStyle
Default Window style