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FrameworkPropertyMetadataOptions Enumeration
Metadata options of Dependency Properties describing action/behavior, when property is changed, user gets the value or binds property

Namespace: EmptyKeys.UserInterface
Assembly: EmptyKeys.UserInterface (in EmptyKeys.UserInterface.dll) Version: (
public enum FrameworkPropertyMetadataOptions
  Member nameValueDescription
None0 The none
AffectsArrange1 The affects arrange
AffectsMeasure2 The affects measure
AffectsParentArrange4 The affects parent arrange
AffectsParentMeasure8 The affects parent measure
AffectsRender16 The affects render
Inherits32 The inherits
NotDataBindable64 Data are not bind-able
BindsTwoWayByDefault128 The binds two way by default
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