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CursorType Enumeration
Describes mouse cursor types

Namespace: EmptyKeys.UserInterface.Input
Assembly: EmptyKeys.UserInterface (in EmptyKeys.UserInterface.dll) Version: (
public enum CursorType
  Member nameValueDescription
None0 Cursor not displayed
No1 No Cursor
Arrow2 Arrow Cursor
AppStarting3 Application Starting Cursor
Cross4 Cross-hair Cursor
Help5 Help Cursor
IBeam6 I-Beam Cursor
SizeAll7 Size All Cursor
SizeNESW8 Size NE-SW Cursor
SizeNS9 Size NS Cursor
SizeNWSE10 Size NW-SE Cursor
SizeWE11 Size W-E Cursor
UpArrow12 Up Arrow Cursor
Wait13 Wait Cursor
Hand14 Hand Cursor
Pen15 Pen Cursor
ScrollNS16 Scroll NS Cursor
ScrollWE17 Scroll WE Cursor
ScrollAll18 Scroll All Cursor
ScrollN19 Scroll N Cursor
Scroll20 Scroll S Cursor
ScrollW21 Scroll W Cursor
ScrollE22 Scroll E Cursor
ScrollNW23 Scroll NW Cursor
ScrollNE24 Scroll NE Cursor
ScrollSW25 Scroll SW Cursor
ScrollSE26 Scroll SE Cursor
ArrowCD27 Arrow CD Cursor
Custom128 The custom1
Custom229 The custom2
Custom330 The custom3
Custom431 The custom4
Custom532 The custom5
Custom633 The custom6
Custom734 The custom7
Custom835 The custom8
Custom936 The custom9
Custom1037 The custom10
Custom1138 The custom11
Custom1239 The custom12
Custom1340 The custom13
Custom1441 The custom14
Custom1542 The custom15
Custom1643 The custom16
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