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GamepadInput Enumeration
Enumeration of all types of game pad input

Namespace: EmptyKeys.UserInterface.Input
Assembly: EmptyKeys.UserInterface (in EmptyKeys.UserInterface.dll) Version: (
public enum GamepadInput
  Member nameValueDescription
None0 The none
AButton1 A button
BButton2 The b button
CButton3 The c button
DButton4 The d button
LeftShoulderButton5 The left shoulder button
RightShoulderButton6 The right shoulder button
LeftStickButton7 The left stick button
RightStickButton8 The right stick button
SelectButton9 The select button
StartButton10 The start button
DPad11 The d pad
LeftThumbStick12 The left thumb stick
RightThumbStick13 The right thumb stick
RightTrigger14 The right trigger
LeftTrigger15 The left trigger
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