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KeyCode Enumeration
Describes keyboard key codes

Namespace: EmptyKeys.UserInterface.Input
Assembly: EmptyKeys.UserInterface.Core (in EmptyKeys.UserInterface.Core.dll) Version: (
public enum KeyCode
  Member nameValueDescription
None0 The none
Back8 The back
Tab9 The tab
Enter13 The enter
Return13 The return
Pause19 The pause
CapsLock20 The caps lock
Capital20 The capital
Kana21 The kana
KanaMode21 The kana mode
HangulMode21 The hangul mode
Kanji25 The kanji
KanjiMode25 The kanji mode
HanjaMode25 The hanja mode
Escape27 The escape
ImeConvert28 The IME convert
ImeNoConvert29 The IME no convert
Space32 The space
PageUp33 The page up
Prior33 The prior
PageDown34 The page down
Next34 The next
End35 The end
Home36 The home
Left37 The left
Up38 Up
Right39 The right
Down40 Down
Select41 The select
Print42 The print
Execute43 The execute
PrintScreen44 The print screen
Snapshot44 The snapshot
Insert45 The insert
Delete46 The delete
Help47 The help
D048 The d0
D149 The d1
D250 The d2
D351 The d3
D452 The d4
D553 The d5
D654 The d6
D755 The d7
D856 The d8
D957 The d9
A65 A
B66 The b
C67 The c
D68 The d
E69 The e
F70 The f
G71 The g
H72 The h
I73 The i
J74 The j
K75 The k
L76 The l
M77 The m
N78 The n
O79 The o
P80 The p
Q81 The q
R82 The r
S83 The s
T84 The t
U85 The u
V86 The v
W87 The w
X88 The x
Y89 The y
Z90 The z
LeftWindows91 The left windows
LWin91 The l win
RightWindows92 The right windows
RWin92 The r win
Apps93 The apps
Sleep95 The sleep
NumPad096 The number pad0
NumPad197 The number pad1
NumPad298 The number pad2
NumPad399 The number pad3
NumPad4100 The number pad4
NumPad5101 The number pad5
NumPad6102 The number pad6
NumPad7103 The number pad7
NumPad8104 The number pad8
NumPad9105 The number pad9
Multiply106 The multiply
Add107 The add
Separator108 The separator
Subtract109 The subtract
Decimal110 The decimal
Divide111 The divide
F1112 The f1
F2113 The f2
F3114 The f3
F4115 The f4
F5116 The f5
F6117 The f6
F7118 The f7
F8119 The f8
F9120 The f9
F10121 The F10
F11122 The F11
F12123 The F12
F13124 The F13
F14125 The F14
F15126 The F15
F16127 The F16
F17128 The F17
F18129 The F18
F19130 The F19
F20131 The F20
F21132 The F21
F22133 The F22
F23134 The F23
F24135 The F24
NumLock144 The number lock
Scroll145 The scroll
LeftShift160 The left shift
RightShift161 The right shift
LeftControl162 The left control
LeftCtrl162 The left control
RightControl163 The right control
RightCtrl163 The right control
LeftAlt164 The left alt
RightAlt165 The right alt
BrowserBack166 The browser back
BrowserForward167 The browser forward
BrowserRefresh168 The browser refresh
BrowserStop169 The browser stop
BrowserSearch170 The browser search
BrowserFavorites171 The browser favorites
BrowserHome172 The browser home
VolumeMute173 The volume mute
VolumeDown174 The volume down
VolumeUp175 The volume up
MediaNextTrack176 The media next track
MediaPreviousTrack177 The media previous track
MediaStop178 The media stop
MediaPlayPause179 The media play pause
LaunchMail180 The launch mail
SelectMedia181 The select media
LaunchApplication1182 The launch application1
LaunchApplication2183 The launch application2
OemSemicolon186 The oem semicolon
Oem1186 The oem1
OemPlus187 The oem plus
OemComma188 The oem comma
OemMinus189 The oem minus
OemPeriod190 The oem period
OemQuestion191 The oem question
Oem2191 The oem2
OemTilde192 The oem tilde
Oem3192 The oem3
ChatPadGreen202 The chat pad green
ChatPadOrange203 The chat pad orange
OemOpenBrackets219 The oem open brackets
Oem4219 The oem4
OemPipe220 The oem pipe
Oem5220 The oem5
OemCloseBrackets221 The oem close brackets
Ome6221 The ome6
OemQuotes222 The oem quotes
Oem7222 The oem7
Oem8223 The oem8
OemBackslash226 The oem backslash
Oem102226 The oem102
ProcessKey229 The process key
ImeProcessed229 The IME processed
OemCopy242 The oem copy
DbeHiragana242 The dbe hiragana
OemAuto243 The oem automatic
DbeSbcsChar243 The dbe SBCS character
OemEnlW244 The oem enl w
DbeDbcsChar244 The dbe DBCS character
Attn246 The attn
DbeNoRoman246 The dbe no roman
Crsel247 The crsel
CrSel247 The cr sel
DbeEnterWordRegisterMode247 The dbe enter word register mode
Exsel248 The exsel
ExSel248 The ex sel
DbeEnterImeConfigureMode248 The dbe enter IME configure mode
EraseEof249 The erase EOF
DbeFlushString249 The dbe flush string
Play250 The play
DbeCodeInput250 The dbe code input
Zoom251 The zoom
DbeNoCodeInput251 The dbe no code input
Pa1253 The pa1
DbeEnterDialogConversionMode253 The dbe enter dialog conversion mode
OemClear254 The oem clear
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