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Timeline Class
Implements base class for all animations
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: EmptyKeys.UserInterface.Media.Animation
Assembly: EmptyKeys.UserInterface (in EmptyKeys.UserInterface.dll) Version: (
public abstract class Timeline : Freezable

The Timeline type exposes the following members.

Public methodTimeline
Initializes a new instance of the Timeline class.
Public propertyAutoReverse
Gets or sets a value indicating whether [automatic reverse].
Public propertyDependencyObjectType
Gets the type of the dependency object.
(Inherited from DependencyObject.)
Public propertyDuration
Gets or sets the duration.
Public propertyEasingFunction
Gets or sets the easing function.
Public propertyIsAdditive
Gets or sets a value indicating whether animation is additive.
Public propertyIsFrozen
Gets a value indicating whether this instance is frozen.
(Inherited from Freezable.)
Public propertyIsRunning
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this instance is running.
Public propertyIsSealed
Gets a value indicating whether this instance is sealed.
(Inherited from DependencyObject.)
Public propertyName
Gets or sets the name.
Public propertyParent
Gets or sets the parent.
(Inherited from Freezable.)
Public propertyRepeatBehavior
Gets or sets the repeat behavior.
Public methodBegin
Starts the animation
Protected methodBeginCore
Virtual core method for custom code of child animations
Public methodClearValue
Clears the value.
(Inherited from DependencyObject.)
Public methodCoerceValue
Coerces the value.
(Inherited from DependencyObject.)
Public methodEquals
Determines whether the specified Object is equal to the current Object.
(Inherited from DependencyObject.)
Protected methodFinalize
Allows an object to try to free resources and perform other cleanup operations before it is reclaimed by garbage collection.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodFreeze
Freezes this instance.
(Inherited from Freezable.)
Public methodGetHashCode
Returns a hash code for this instance.
(Inherited from DependencyObject.)
Public methodGetLocalValueEnumerator
Gets the local value enumerator.
(Inherited from DependencyObject.)
Public methodGetType
Gets the Type of the current instance.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodGetValue
Gets the value.
(Inherited from DependencyObject.)
Protected methodMemberwiseClone
Creates a shallow copy of the current Object.
(Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodOnPropertyChanged
Called when [property changed].
(Inherited from Freezable.)
Public methodReadLocalValue
Reads the local value.
(Inherited from DependencyObject.)
Public methodSetBinding
Sets the binding.
(Inherited from DependencyObject.)
Public methodSetResourceReference
Sets the resource reference.
(Inherited from DependencyObject.)
Public methodSetValue
Sets the value.
(Inherited from DependencyObject.)
Public methodStop
Stops the animation
Public methodToString
Returns a string that represents the current object.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodUpdate
Updates animation
Protected methodUpdateCore
Updates animation core - virtual method for custom code of child animations
Public eventChanged
Occurs when [changed].
(Inherited from Freezable.)
Public fieldStatic memberAutoReverseProperty
The automatic reverse property
Public fieldStatic memberDurationProperty
The duration property
Protected fieldisAdditive
The is additive flag - local value
Public fieldStatic memberIsAdditiveProperty
The is additive property
Protected fieldproperty
The property - local copy
Public fieldStatic memberRepeatBehaviorProperty
The repeat behavior property
Protected fieldtarget
The target - local copy
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