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Brushes Class
All basic color brushes
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: EmptyKeys.UserInterface.Media
Assembly: EmptyKeys.UserInterface (in EmptyKeys.UserInterface.dll) Version: (
public sealed class Brushes

The Brushes type exposes the following members.

Public propertyStatic memberAliceBlue
Gets the alice blue.
Public propertyStatic memberAntiqueWhite
Gets the antique white.
Public propertyStatic memberAqua
Gets the aqua.
Public propertyStatic memberAquamarine
Gets the aquamarine.
Public propertyStatic memberAzure
Gets the azure.
Public propertyStatic memberBeige
Gets the beige.
Public propertyStatic memberBisque
Gets the bisque.
Public propertyStatic memberBlack
Gets the black.
Public propertyStatic memberBlanchedAlmond
Gets the blanched almond.
Public propertyStatic memberBlue
Gets the blue.
Public propertyStatic memberBlueViolet
Gets the blue violet.
Public propertyStatic memberBrown
Gets the brown.
Public propertyStatic memberBurlyWood
Gets the burly wood.
Public propertyStatic memberCadetBlue
Gets the cadet blue.
Public propertyStatic memberChartreuse
Gets the chartreuse.
Public propertyStatic memberChocolate
Gets the chocolate.
Public propertyStatic memberCoral
Gets the coral.
Public propertyStatic memberCornflowerBlue
Gets the cornflower blue.
Public propertyStatic memberCornsilk
Gets the cornsilk.
Public propertyStatic memberCrimson
Gets the crimson.
Public propertyStatic memberCyan
Gets the cyan.
Public propertyStatic memberDarkBlue
Gets the dark blue.
Public propertyStatic memberDarkCyan
Gets the dark cyan.
Public propertyStatic memberDarkGoldenrod
Gets the dark goldenrod.
Public propertyStatic memberDarkGray
Gets the dark gray.
Public propertyStatic memberDarkGreen
Gets the dark green.
Public propertyStatic memberDarkKhaki
Gets the dark khaki.
Public propertyStatic memberDarkMagenta
Gets the dark magenta.
Public propertyStatic memberDarkOliveGreen
Gets the dark olive green.
Public propertyStatic memberDarkOrange
Gets the dark orange.
Public propertyStatic memberDarkOrchid
Gets the dark orchid.
Public propertyStatic memberDarkRed
Gets the dark red.
Public propertyStatic memberDarkSalmon
Gets the dark salmon.
Public propertyStatic memberDarkSeaGreen
Gets the dark sea green.
Public propertyStatic memberDarkSlateBlue
Gets the dark slate blue.
Public propertyStatic memberDarkSlateGray
Gets the dark slate gray.
Public propertyStatic memberDarkTurquoise
Gets the dark turquoise.
Public propertyStatic memberDarkViolet
Gets the dark violet.
Public propertyStatic memberDeepPink
Gets the deep pink.
Public propertyStatic memberDeepSkyBlue
Gets the deep sky blue.
Public propertyStatic memberDimGray
Gets the dim gray.
Public propertyStatic memberDodgerBlue
Gets the dodger blue.
Public propertyStatic memberFirebrick
Gets the firebrick.
Public propertyStatic memberFloralWhite
Gets the floral white.
Public propertyStatic memberForestGreen
Gets the forest green.
Public propertyStatic memberFuchsia
Gets the fuchsia.
Public propertyStatic memberGainsboro
Gets the gainsboro.
Public propertyStatic memberGhostWhite
Gets the ghost white.
Public propertyStatic memberGold
Gets the gold.
Public propertyStatic memberGoldenrod
Gets the goldenrod.
Public propertyStatic memberGray
Gets the gray.
Public propertyStatic memberGreen
Gets the green.
Public propertyStatic memberGreenYellow
Gets the green yellow.
Public propertyStatic memberHoneydew
Gets the honeydew.
Public propertyStatic memberHotPink
Gets the hot pink.
Public propertyStatic memberIndianRed
Gets the indian red.
Public propertyStatic memberIndigo
Gets the indigo.
Public propertyStatic memberIvory
Gets the ivory.
Public propertyStatic memberKhaki
Gets the khaki.
Public propertyStatic memberLavender
Gets the lavender.
Public propertyStatic memberLavenderBlush
Gets the lavender blush.
Public propertyStatic memberLawnGreen
Gets the lawn green.
Public propertyStatic memberLemonChiffon
Gets the lemon chiffon.
Public propertyStatic memberLightBlue
Gets the light blue.
Public propertyStatic memberLightCoral
Gets the light coral.
Public propertyStatic memberLightCyan
Gets the light cyan.
Public propertyStatic memberLightGoldenrodYellow
Gets the light goldenrod yellow.
Public propertyStatic memberLightGray
Gets the light gray.
Public propertyStatic memberLightGreen
Gets the light green.
Public propertyStatic memberLightPink
Gets the light pink.
Public propertyStatic memberLightSalmon
Gets the light salmon.
Public propertyStatic memberLightSeaGreen
Gets the light sea green.
Public propertyStatic memberLightSkyBlue
Gets the light sky blue.
Public propertyStatic memberLightSlateGray
Gets the light slate gray.
Public propertyStatic memberLightSteelBlue
Gets the light steel blue.
Public propertyStatic memberLightYellow
Gets the light yellow.
Public propertyStatic memberLime
Gets the lime.
Public propertyStatic memberLimeGreen
Gets the lime green.
Public propertyStatic memberLinen
Gets the linen.
Public propertyStatic memberMagenta
Gets the magenta.
Public propertyStatic memberMaroon
Gets the maroon.
Public propertyStatic memberMediumAquamarine
Gets the medium aquamarine.
Public propertyStatic memberMediumBlue
Gets the medium blue.
Public propertyStatic memberMediumOrchid
Gets the medium orchid.
Public propertyStatic memberMediumPurple
Gets the medium purple.
Public propertyStatic memberMediumSeaGreen
Gets the medium sea green.
Public propertyStatic memberMediumSlateBlue
Gets the medium slate blue.
Public propertyStatic memberMediumSpringGreen
Gets the medium spring green.
Public propertyStatic memberMediumTurquoise
Gets the medium turquoise.
Public propertyStatic memberMediumVioletRed
Gets the medium violet red.
Public propertyStatic memberMidnightBlue
Gets the midnight blue.
Public propertyStatic memberMintCream
Gets the mint cream.
Public propertyStatic memberMistyRose
Gets the misty rose.
Public propertyStatic memberMoccasin
Gets the moccasin.
Public propertyStatic memberNavajoWhite
Gets the navajo white.
Public propertyStatic memberNavy
Gets the navy.
Public propertyStatic memberOldLace
Gets the old lace.
Public propertyStatic memberOlive
Gets the olive.
Public propertyStatic memberOliveDrab
Gets the olive drab.
Public propertyStatic memberOrange
Gets the orange.
Public propertyStatic memberOrangeRed
Gets the orange red.
Public propertyStatic memberOrchid
Gets the orchid.
Public propertyStatic memberPaleGoldenrod
Gets the pale goldenrod.
Public propertyStatic memberPaleGreen
Gets the pale green.
Public propertyStatic memberPaleTurquoise
Gets the pale turquoise.
Public propertyStatic memberPaleVioletRed
Gets the pale violet red.
Public propertyStatic memberPapayaWhip
Gets the papaya whip.
Public propertyStatic memberPeachPuff
Gets the peach puff.
Public propertyStatic memberPeru
Gets the peru.
Public propertyStatic memberPink
Gets the pink.
Public propertyStatic memberPlum
Gets the plum.
Public propertyStatic memberPowderBlue
Gets the powder blue.
Public propertyStatic memberPurple
Gets the purple.
Public propertyStatic memberRed
Gets the red.
Public propertyStatic memberRosyBrown
Gets the rosy brown.
Public propertyStatic memberRoyalBlue
Gets the royal blue.
Public propertyStatic memberSaddleBrown
Gets the saddle brown.
Public propertyStatic memberSalmon
Gets the salmon.
Public propertyStatic memberSandyBrown
Gets the sandy brown.
Public propertyStatic memberSeaGreen
Gets the sea green.
Public propertyStatic memberSeaShell
Gets the sea shell.
Public propertyStatic memberSienna
Gets the sienna.
Public propertyStatic memberSilver
Gets the silver.
Public propertyStatic memberSkyBlue
Gets the sky blue.
Public propertyStatic memberSlateBlue
Gets the slate blue.
Public propertyStatic memberSlateGray
Gets the slate gray.
Public propertyStatic memberSnow
Gets the snow.
Public propertyStatic memberSpringGreen
Gets the spring green.
Public propertyStatic memberSteelBlue
Gets the steel blue.
Public propertyStatic memberTan
Gets the tan.
Public propertyStatic memberTeal
Gets the teal.
Public propertyStatic memberThistle
Gets the thistle.
Public propertyStatic memberTomato
Gets the tomato.
Public propertyStatic memberTransparent
Gets the transparent.
Public propertyStatic memberTurquoise
Gets the turquoise.
Public propertyStatic memberViolet
Gets the violet.
Public propertyStatic memberWheat
Gets the wheat.
Public propertyStatic memberWhite
Gets the white.
Public propertyStatic memberWhiteSmoke
Gets the white smoke.
Public propertyStatic memberYellow
Gets the yellow.
Public propertyStatic memberYellowGreen
Gets the yellow green.
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