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Colors Enumeration
All basic colors (packed values)

Namespace: EmptyKeys.UserInterface.Media
Assembly: EmptyKeys.UserInterface.Core (in EmptyKeys.UserInterface.Core.dll) Version: (
public enum Colors
  Member nameValueDescription
Transparent0 The transparent
AliceBlue4294965488 The alice blue
AntiqueWhite4292340730 The antique white
Aqua4294967040 The aqua
Aquamarine4292149119 The aquamarine
Azure4294967280 The azure
Beige4292670965 The beige
Bisque4291093759 The bisque
Black4278190080 The black
BlanchedAlmond4291685375 The blanched almond
Blue4294901760 The blue
BlueViolet4293012362 The blue violet
Brown4280953509 The brown
BurlyWood4287084766 The burly wood
CadetBlue4288716383 The cadet blue
Chartreuse4278255487 The chartreuse
Chocolate4280183250 The chocolate
Coral4283465727 The coral
CornflowerBlue4293760356 The cornflower blue
Cornsilk4292671743 The cornsilk
Crimson4282127580 The crimson
Cyan4294967040 The cyan
DarkBlue4287299584 The dark blue
DarkCyan4287335168 The dark cyan
DarkGoldenrod4278945464 The dark goldenrod
DarkGray4289309097 The dark gray
DarkGreen4278215680 The dark green
DarkKhaki4285249469 The dark khaki
DarkMagenta4287299723 The dark magenta
DarkOliveGreen4281297749 The dark olive green
DarkOrange4278226175 The dark orange
DarkOrchid4291572377 The dark orchid
DarkRed4278190219 The dark red
DarkSalmon4286224105 The dark salmon
DarkSeaGreen4287347855 The dark sea green
DarkSlateBlue4287315272 The dark slate blue
DarkSlateGray4283387695 The dark slate gray
DarkTurquoise4291939840 The dark turquoise
DarkViolet4292018324 The dark violet
DeepPink4287829247 The deep pink
DeepSkyBlue4294950656 The deep sky blue
DimGray4285098345 The dim gray
DodgerBlue4294938654 The dodger blue
Firebrick4280427186 The firebrick
FloralWhite4293982975 The floral white
ForestGreen4280453922 The forest green
Fuchsia4294902015 The fuchsia
Gainsboro4292664540 The gainsboro
GhostWhite4294965496 The ghost white
Gold4278245375 The gold
Goldenrod4280329690 The goldenrod
Gray4286611584 The gray
Green4278222848 The green
GreenYellow4281335725 The green yellow
Honeydew4293984240 The honeydew
HotPink4290013695 The hot pink
IndianRed4284243149 The indian red
Indigo4286709835 The indigo
Ivory4293984255 The ivory
Khaki4287424240 The khaki
Lavender4294633190 The lavender
LavenderBlush4294308095 The lavender blush
LawnGreen4278254716 The lawn green
LemonChiffon4291689215 The lemon chiffon
LightBlue4293318829 The light blue
LightCoral4286611696 The light coral
LightCyan4294967264 The light cyan
LightGoldenrodYellow4292016890 The light goldenrod yellow
LightGray4292072403 The light gray
LightGreen4287688336 The light green
LightPink4290885375 The light pink
LightSalmon4286226687 The light salmon
LightSeaGreen4289376800 The light sea green
LightSkyBlue4294626951 The light sky blue
LightSlateGray4288252023 The light slate gray
LightSteelBlue4292789424 The light steel blue
LightYellow4292935679 The light yellow
Lime4278255360 The lime
LimeGreen4281519410 The lime green
Linen4293325050 The linen
Magenta4294902015 The magenta
Maroon4278190208 The maroon
MediumAquamarine4289383782 The medium aquamarine
MediumBlue4291624960 The medium blue
MediumOrchid4292040122 The medium orchid
MediumPurple4292571283 The medium purple
MediumSeaGreen4285641532 The medium sea green
MediumSlateBlue4293814395 The medium slate blue
MediumSpringGreen4288346624 The medium spring green
MediumTurquoise4291613000 The medium turquoise
MediumVioletRed4286911943 The medium violet red
MidnightBlue4285536537 The midnight blue
MintCream4294639605 The mint cream
MistyRose4292994303 The misty rose
Moccasin4290110719 The moccasin
NavajoWhite4289584895 The navajo white
Navy4286578688 The navy
OldLace4293326333 The old lace
Olive4278222976 The olive
OliveDrab4280520299 The olive drab
Orange4278232575 The orange
OrangeRed4278207999 The orange red
Orchid4292243674 The orchid
PaleGoldenrod4289390830 The pale goldenrod
PaleGreen4288215960 The pale green
PaleTurquoise4293848751 The pale turquoise
PaleVioletRed4287852763 The pale violet red
PapayaWhip4292210687 The papaya whip
PeachPuff4290370303 The peach puff
Peru4282353101 The peru
Pink4291543295 The pink
Plum4292714717 The plum
PowderBlue4293320880 The powder blue
Purple4286578816 The purple
Red4278190335 The red
RosyBrown4287598524 The rosy brown
RoyalBlue4292962625 The royal blue
SaddleBrown4279453067 The saddle brown
Salmon4285694202 The salmon
SandyBrown4284523764 The sandy brown
SeaGreen4283927342 The sea green
SeaShell4293850623 The sea shell
Sienna4281160352 The sienna
Silver4290822336 The silver
SkyBlue4293643911 The sky blue
SlateBlue4291648106 The slate blue
SlateGray4287660144 The slate gray
Snow4294638335 The snow
SpringGreen4286578432 The spring green
SteelBlue4290019910 The steel blue
Tan4287411410 The tan
Teal4286611456 The teal
Thistle4292394968 The thistle
Tomato4282868735 The tomato
Turquoise4291878976 The turquoise
Violet4293821166 The violet
Wheat4289978101 The wheat
White4294967295 The white
WhiteSmoke4294309365 The white smoke
Yellow4278255615 The yellow
YellowGreen4281519514 The yellow green
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