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TextureSurfaceFormat Enumeration
Describes Texture surface formats

Namespace: EmptyKeys.UserInterface.Media
Assembly: EmptyKeys.UserInterface.Core (in EmptyKeys.UserInterface.Core.dll) Version: (
public enum TextureSurfaceFormat
  Member nameValueDescription
Color0 The color
Bgr5651 The BGR565
Bgra55512 The bgra5551
Bgra44443 The bgra4444
Dxt14 The DXT1
Dxt35 The DXT3
Dxt56 The DXT5
NormalizedByte27 The normalized byte2
NormalizedByte48 The normalized byte4
Rgba10101029 The rgba1010102
Rg3210 The RG32
Rgba6411 The rgba64
Alpha812 The alpha8
Single13 The single
Vector214 The vector2
Vector415 The vector4
HalfSingle16 The half single
HalfVector217 The half vector2
HalfVector418 The half vector4
HdrBlendable19 The HDR blend able
Bgr3220 The BGR32
Bgra3221 The bgra32
RgbPvrtc2Bpp50 The RGB PVRTC2 BPP
RgbPvrtc4Bpp51 The RGB PVRTC4 BPP
RgbaPvrtc2Bpp52 The rgba PVRTC2 BPP
RgbaPvrtc4Bpp53 The rgba PVRTC4 BPP
RgbEtc160 The RGB etc1
Dxt1a70 The dxt1a
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