Game Menu Module

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UI Screens

Module comes with 4 UI screens - Credits, Load Game, Multiplayer and Options. Each screen is implemented as User Control so you can reuse it. Options can load/save settings from file.

MVVM patern

UI is implemented with MVVM pattern. Module contains 6 models, 4 view models and 3 services - File Storage Service, Game Service and Localization Service.

Source Code Included

Source code is part of the module and it has about 500 lines (depends on render version) in about 20 classes (including XAML). Code is well documented and has TODO's for easy implementation of custom code. Solution picture is here.


  • Audio Settings Model
  • Controls Settings Model
  • Game Save Model
  • Game Settings Model
  • Multiplayer Session Model
  • Video Settings Model

View Models

  • Load Game View Model
  • Main Menu View Model
  • Multiplayer View Model
  • Options View Model