Multi-platform and Multi-Engine

Empty Keys UI is Portable Class Library for .NET or Mono. On top of that it supports 5 engines - CocosSharp, Xenko, Synapse Gaming SunBurn, MonoGame and FNA.

Code Generator from XAML

Final code is generated from standard XAML (.NET WPF) so you can use Visual Studio, Blend (or any other XAML editor) to create your UI. On top of that code generator detects used fonts and generates XNA Sprite Font definitions.

Style and Themes

Empty Keys UI comes with built-in themes for quick start (Dark, Light and default dark Empty Keys). You can create more themes and styles by using Control and Data Templates.

MVVM support

The Model-View-ViewModel pattern is fully supported and Empty Keys UI comes with base classes and Service Manager for easy use.

DPI aware

Empty Keys UI is DPI aware. If you change DPI, UI is automatically scaled. This is useful for mobile development (mobile phone, tablet).


Empty Keys UI supports XAML animations and image animations. XAML animations are limited to DoubleAnimation, ThicknessAnimation and non-standard custom SolidColorBrushAnimation. System does support easing functions. Image animations are supported with AnimatedImage control and for ImageBrush.


Library is free for use with MIT License. UI Generator is open source on GitHub.


Button Chart CheckBox ComboBox DataGrid Expander Image ImageButton ItemsControl ListBox NumericTextBox PasswordBox ProgressBar Popup RadioButton RepeatButton ScrollBar Slider TextBlock TextBox ToggleButton ToolTip Track TreeView User Control


ContentControl ContentPresenter HeaderedContentControl HeaderedItemsControl Panel RangeBase Selector ScrollContentPresenter TextBoxBase Thumb Ellipse Line Rectangle

Layouts and Navigation

  • Canvas
  • DockPanel
  • Grid
  • GroupBox
  • ScrollViewer
  • StackPanel
  • TabControl
  • UniformGrid
  • Window
  • WrapPanel


  • Border
  • Brush
  • EllipseGeometry
  • Geometry
  • ImageBrush
  • LinearGradientBrush
  • LineGeometry
  • RectangleGeometry
  • SolidColorBrush