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Hi, now it works. I have now idea why it wasn't working first, but after i moved some code around it works. Thank you for checking and adding the samp...


wookie_rookiecreated the topic: RenderTarget as ImageSource

Hi, i want to mix UI with custom drawn stuff in MonoGame. In this case i have an inventory screen where i want the backround (grids, images, texts)...


wookie_rookiereplied to: RE: Drag&Drop without using lists

I'm using a mix between your build in and my custom drag&drop by simply hooking mouse events on my slots and a bit of extra logic. This also avoids th...


wookie_rookiecreated the topic: Drag&Drop without using lists

Hi, i want to do drag items from my inventory (a ListBox using a WrapPanel) to some slots (ContentControls). Both the items in the List and the Con...


wookie_rookiecreated the topic: XAML Default Control Templates

Hi, is there any way to get the default XAML ControlTemplates you are using? Visual Studio template generation seems to create the WPF templates so...


wookie_rookiereplied to: RE: Window Control Template Color issues

Found it! I accidentally set the Opacity in ViewModel to 100f instead to 1f. It seems there is some color * opacity under the hood.


wookie_rookiecreated the topic: Window Control Template Color issues

Hi, i'm trying to create a custom window control template. Should be no problem but when i try to set custom colors for the differen window parts t...


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